Graphics Design

Why You Should Learn ?

  1. Graphic designers uniquely express their artistry. From choosing colour palettes, image and the type they also have to think outside the box to solve challenging blunt. If you’re a creative type, then becoming a graphic designer is the best option one could have to bring your ideas to life.
  2. Graphic designers are always in demand, particularly those with digital skills. The amount of in-house designer jobs has increased significantly in the past year with brands such as Apple, Google, Specsavers, and NSPCC all investing in their own talent and creative agencies are always on the look out for fresh new designers. A visual communication qualification opens the door to a huge range of careers including Graphic Designer, Art Worker, UI/UX Designer, Information Architect, Mobile Designer, Brand Identity Developer, Packaging Designer, Broadcast Designer, Illustrator, Production Artist, Motion Graphics Designer, Web Designer and Creative Director.

What will our Course offer You?

  • Introduction to Graphics Design and Illustration
  • Art and Illustration
  • Fonts and Colors
  • Visual Graphic Design
  • Publication Design
  • Brand Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Software's like Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • After Effects, InDesign, etc.

Outcome of the Training

Students who successfully complete a degree in Graphic Design will be able to: Analyze, synthesize, and utilize design processes and strategy from concept to delivery to creatively solve communication problems. You can join a graphics design farm or you can work as a freelancer. Graphic Design is a good option for you if you are good at painting and creativity. It gives you the freedom to express your imagination.