Account & Tax

Why You Should Learn ?

  1. It applies to everyone—individuals, businesses, corporations, and other entities. Even those who are exempt from paying taxes must participate in tax accounting. The purpose of tax accounting is to be able to track funds (funds coming in as well as funds going out) associated with individuals and entities.
  2. Tax accounting is important in any business because it ensures that companies comply with the tax laws. A tax accountant files federal and state income tax returns and offers the company a plan to keep the company out of trouble with the state’s laws.

What will our Course offer You?

  • Fundamental Accounting
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Tally ERP9
  • GST Calculation
  • Return Submission
  • Income Tax
  • TDS
  • P. Tax

Outcome of the Training

Taxing citizens is a vital method of financing the most essential public sector activities, such as the courts, the legal system, national defense and police protection. In addition, it provides the means for producing social programs, such as public health services, education and welfare.

Job Opportunities

  • Assistance Tax Consultant
  • Senior Tax Consultant
  • GST Consultant
  • Data Entry Operator
  • Office Clerk/ Service Costing